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Grond nut De-Skinner Technical Specification Type continuous type Purpose De-Skinning of Ground nuts Capacity 200kg/h Overall Dimensions Length*width*Height=1390mm*545mm*1370mm Feed Hopper Capacity 10kg Electric motor 2 Hp ISI certified Motor Ground nut De-skinner Manufacturer in coimbatore Ground nut De-skinner Manufacturer in tamilnadu De-skinner Manufacturer in coimbatore De-skinner Manufacturer in tamil nadu De- skinning machine De-skinning good machine best De-skinning manufac
Type - Heavy Duty -continuous type Hammer mill Purpose - Grinding of grams Capacity - 75kg/h Overall Dimension - Length*width*Height=2100mm*1350mm*1350mm Feed copper capacity =15kg Electric motor grinding chamber =10 Hp Three phase ISI certified motor Material = All food contact parts including Hopper, Feed Regulator, GrindingChamber, Upper Tooth, Seives, Hammers and outlet made up of food grade stainless steel(Grade 304) pulveriser manufacturer in coimbatore pulveriser manufacturer in india Double stage pulveriser Double and single stage pulveriser manufacturer in coimabatore Double and single stage pulveriser manufacturer in india
Type Continuous type Purpose Dehulling of small Millets Capacity 100kg/h Dehulling efficiency >95% Overall Dimension Length*width*Height=900mm*1200mm*1500mm Feed copper capacity 15kg Electric motor 1HP Three phase ISI Certified motor Millet Mill Manufacturer in coimbatore Millet Mill Manufacturer in india Millet Mill Machine manufacturers in coimbatore Millet Milling Machine Millet Mill processing machines Millet Mill processsing machine productions in coimbatore Millet Mill Dehulling machine Millet Mill Dehulling machine manufacturer in coimbatore Dehulling machine Dehulling machine manufacturer in coimbatore Millet Dehuller Millet skin remover machine Millets good skin removing machine manufacturer in coimbatore Foxtail millet machine Little millet machine manufacturer in kovai Little millet machine manufacturer in india Small millet machines in coimbatore Small millet dehulling machine Small millet skin remover machine
Mode of Operation: Continuos Type Overall Dimension: 2000 mm X 900 mm X 1600 mm Power requirement: 1 hp, Single / Three Phase Motor Grader: 0.5 hp, Single / Three Phase Motor Capacity: 250 kg / h Weight: 190 kg Purpose: Removal of Impurities like Stones and other Foreign Particles from small millets & other grains Working Principle: Separation by mass of the particle Dehulling Efficiency: > 95%
Type continous type purpose Dehulling of small millets Capacity 100kg/h Dehulling efficiency >95% overall dimension length*width*height=900mm*1200mm*1500mm Feed hopper capacity 15 kg Electric motor 1Hp Three phase isi certified motor Millet mill manufacturer in coimbatore Millet mill manufacturer in india Millet milling machine Millet processing machine Millet dehuller machine Millet skin remover machine small millet machine Little millet machine
Grain Polisher Machine : Mode of Operation : Continuous Purpose : Polishing of Grains Overall Dimensions : Length x Width x Height = 1400 mm x 760 mm x 1500mm Power requirement : 2Hp single / Three Phase motor Capacity : 3kg / h Grain Polisher Machine In Coimbatore Leading Quality Grain Polisher Machine Quality Grain Polisher Machine
Type -heavy duty continuoustype hammer mill capacity- 30kg/h feed copper capacity- 10kg pulveriser manufacture in coimbatore pulveriser suppliers pulveriser supplierers india leading pulversierrs in tamil nadu Quality Pulverizer Manufactures In Coimbatore Leading Quality Pulverizer Supplier In Coimbatore Best Quality Pulverizer in Coimbatore. 10kg Capacity Pulverizer In Coimbatore Pulverizer For Millet Mill Machine In Coimbatore
Mode of operation continuous purpose polishing of grains overall dimension Length*width*Height = 1070mm*510mm*1400mm power Requirement 2Hp single/Three phase motor capacity 30 kg/h Grain polisher manufacturer in coimbatore Grain polisher manufacturer in india polishing of grains machine Good quality grain polishing machine grain polisher
Mode of Operation : Continuos Type Overall Dimentsion : 860mm X 842mm X 1460 mm Power Requirment : 1hp, Single / Three Phase Motor Capacity : 100 kg/h Weight : 112 kg (excluding motor) Floor Area : 860mm X 842mm Purpose : De-hulling of Minor Millets (with or without bran) Working Principle : Gentle Abrasion/Attrition & (aerodynamic) Cyclone Separator Dehulling Efficiency : >95%